Stephanie Osser / Akio and his Alphabet Figures

Title: Akio and his Alphabet Figures

Series Title: Guldagergaard Residency

Artist: Stephanie Osser

Date: 2011

Technique: rolling | carving

Temperature: cone 6

Glazing / Surface Treatment: carving | incising | underglaze

Material: porcelain

Height: 6" | Width: 9" | Depth: 9"

Credit Line: It's sad that we just lost the great artist and teacher Akio Takamori!  This work was Inspired by Akio, a gift for him.  When I got to Guldagergaard for my 2 month residency  in 2011, I was surprised and delight to find Akio there working on his Alphabet of figures.  He was generous and kind to all the resident artists.  On my first day, as I was walking into the town of Skaelskor for my groceries, Akio came by on his bike, called my name and said  "come with me I want to show you all my favorite places in this town and where to shop too". And so I was happily welcomed and guided around the town by one of my favorite artists! You can see Akio and his figures in front of the Apple House Gallery, where he has decorated the facade of the gallery with busts of Japanese women. In front of the window is a figure pushing a wheel barrel full of fish, an image of a sculpture made by his good friend Danish Artist Sten Lykke Madsen. Sten and Akio teamed up to cook meals together when it was their turn to cook in the communal kitchen.  They were so funny together and entertained us all, and great cooks too!  In the window is a topiary plant inspired by the lovely American artist Kim Dickey. I remember she would cycle back and forth to her apartment shared with her husband and 2 children in between meals with them and bedtime rituals.  What a great Mom and Artist! 


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