Stephanie Osser / A lively Experiment: The Chemistry of Gilbert & Sullivan

Title: A lively Experiment: The Chemistry of Gilbert & Sullivan

Series Title: Performance Pieces

Artist: Stephanie Osser

Date: 2015

Technique: handbuilding | slip casting

Temperature: cone 6

Glazing / Surface Treatment: clear glaze | underglaze

Material: porcelain | porcelain slip | plaster casts of erlenmeyer flask | test tube | wood rack

Height: 9" | Width: 13" | Depth: 8"

Credit Line: Inspired by the theme of NCECA Providence, to me it suggested a chemistry set and the characters from the many Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas I love.  My children, my husband and I have all performed in several of these delightful English comic period pieces created between 1871- 1896. Some of my favorite operetta characters are portrayed here:  the great Sir W.S. Gilbert, the comic Librettist and Sir Arthur Sullivan the Composer; Helen and Richard D'Doyle Carte, the Impresario and Stewart founding the D'Oyle Carte Opera Company and supporting the G & S collaboration; Patience the Milk Maid and Bunthorne the Poet from the Operetta called Patience; Yum Yum and Nanki Poo from The Mikado: and The Queen of the Fairies and Sargent Willis who becomes a Fairy Guardsman to join the Queen and her flock of fairy maidens and noblemen who also become fairies. 


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