Stephanie Osser / My Della Rob-Baby

Title: My Della Rob-Baby

Series Title: Children Series with Musical Instruments

Artist: Stephanie Osser

Date: 2016

Technique: maiolica

Temperature: cone 04

Glazing / Surface Treatment: maiolica

Material: clay

Height: 5" | Width: 15" | Depth: 13"

Credit Line: Inspired by the Della Robbia family of artists seen at the MFA Museum and other Museums, I am newly intrieged by the use of Majolica glazes on my bas-relief architectural ceramic works.  I just became a first time grandmother in the spring of 2015 and find my attention gravitating to these little precious persons and their interesting view of their new world. Notice if you will the rhythm instruments surrounding the mother and child. My personal interest is in music as a singer all my life from Classical to Jazz. Our children have been exposed to great music at home and with music lessons. Musical themes run throughout my ceramic works. 


Developed at Watzek Library, Lewis & Clark, Portland OR, USA.

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