Stephanie Osser / My Family Odyssey: Voyage on the SS Finland

Title: My Family Odyssey: Voyage on the SS Finland

Series Title: Immigration

Artist: Stephanie Osser

Date: 2005

Temperature: cone 6

Material: stoneware | flag

Object Type: sculptures

Height: 22" | Width: 24' | Depth: 18'

Credit Line: I wish I could tell my wonderful supportive Dad and Mom that this piece is now part of the Permanent Collection at the Statue of Liberty National Park Ellis Island Museum and will be used for research, display and lending to other institutions for scholars studying this period in history.  The little boy, age 3, perched on his father’s shoulders with his Mom leading the way, is my Dad. The Ellis Island registry listed him arriving in 1921, on the Red Star Line S. S. Finland. His family is looking at the Statue of Liberty and the New York City landscape, a bas-relief on the back of the boy’s jacket. The violin is reminiscent of the beautiful music my Dad played for us most days after work. The flag, with 48 stars in 1921, is symbolic of the pride my father always felt being an American citizen.  The man my Dad is perched upon is my Grandfather, who sadly passed away before My Dad and Grandmother immigrated, With artistic license I brought him to America too. First I created the tile image then came the sculpture in 9 parts.  


Developed at Watzek Library, Lewis & Clark, Portland OR, USA.

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