Stephanie Osser / Candide at Sea

Title: Candide at Sea

Series Title: Performance Pieces

Artist: Stephanie Osser

Date: 2011

Technique: print on leather hard porcelain

Temperature: cone 6

Glazing / Surface Treatment: screen printing | sgraffito | underglaze

Material: wood | porcelain

Height: 13" | Width: 13" | Depth: 8"

Credit Line:

Thanks to The Huntington Theatre Company, Boston for their fabulous production of CANDIDE, music by Leonard Bernstein, Lyrics by Richard Wilbur & others, directed and newly adapted from the Voltaire by Mary Zimmerman.  The company  granted me permission to use their images for inspiration.  I love this operetta and for the first time played around with stage design and figuring out a wood stage that could give me depth and hold my figures inspired by the graduated risers I stand on in the soprano section of my chorale.  I played with repetition of the Candide figure, lost at sea, robbed of his gold and the valuable red sheep, a nice twist that I've used in other sheep pieces.  He is searching for the love of his life Cunegonde.  I won't go into the story here, but hope you see and hear the great music if you're reading this. And my suggestion for you is to listen to the music of Candide and read the libretto before you see the show live, to add to your enjoyment.  I've added music to my website for my performance pieces to share some of Bernstein's great music as you are looking at my work. When I show my performance pieces in galleries, I always try to add a sign to encouraging the viewer to connect to the music on my website.


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