Stephanie Osser / Candide & Cunegande Duet

Title: Candide & Cunegande Duet

Series Title: Performance Pieces

Artist: Stephanie Osser

Date: 2011

Technique: rolling | silkscreening

Temperature: cone 6

Glazing / Surface Treatment: screen printing | underglaze

Material: wood | porcelain

Height: 10" | Width: 12" | Depth: 6"

Credit Line:

Thanks to permission from the Huntington Theatre's exciting performance of Candide, by one of my favorite composers, Leonard Bernstein, in Boston, I was inspired to make my first attempt at stage design with porcelain and wood.  Here is an image of Candide and his lady love Cunegande singing their famous duet, 
“Oh Happy We” and “Life is Happiness Indeed”.  In Act 1 we find the 18th Century protagonists Candide, the illegitimate nephew of the fabulously rich Baron of Westphalia and Cunegande, the Baron’s daughter. They sing of their love, but their visions of the future couldn’t be more different: he aspires to a simple life growing “peas and cabbages,” while she yearns for a life “rolling in luxury.” They don’t notice the differences.


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