Stephanie Osser / 2 Musical Instrument Tiles

Title: 2 Musical Instrument Tiles

Series Title: Performance Pieces

Artist: Stephanie Osser

Date: 2015

Technique: carving

Temperature: cone 10 | reduction | cone 6

Glazing / Surface Treatment: underglaze | glaze

Material: stoneware | porcelain

Height: 8" | Width: 6" | Depth: 3""

Credit Line: My son played the French Horn and my Dad played the Violin, so they were the first of a series of instruments I have plans to make. The 3 rd tile shows a musician playing an early baroque instrument called a Viola DaGamba. 
I enjoying carving tiles and bas relief architectural ceramic pieces, casting them in plaster. Then with the molds I can use porcelain or stoneware or low fire clay and get the pieces in various kiln firings from electric to soda to reduction, trying different surface treatments.  Making multiples is great when working in ceramics. There are so many things that can go wrong, but there are also lovely surprises.  I feel more free to experiment with the materials having a ready plaster mold of my image.


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