Stephanie Osser / All About Eggs-Hen, Rooster, Chicks

Title: All About Eggs-Hen, Rooster, Chicks

Series Title: Nature Series from My Children's Book All About Eggs

Artist: Stephanie Osser

Date: 2001

Technique: sculpting | plaster molding | casting

Temperature: cone 04

Glazing / Surface Treatment: underglaze

Material: clay

Height: 4' | Width: 5' | Depth: 3"

Credit Line: My first architectural piece inspired by my own illustration for a children's book called All About Eggs by Millicent Selsam, illustrations copyrighted by me in 1980. Won a science book award.  Book is out of print now but I'm bringing it back to life in my ceramics. This piece was carved and cast in 16 pieces so I can remake it in various clay bodies and glaze techniques.


Developed at Watzek Library, Lewis & Clark, Portland OR, USA.

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