Stephanie Osser / Yabe-Archer-Potter

Title: Yabe-Archer-Potter

Series Title: tribute to Makoto Yabe, beloved Potter and Teacher

Artist: Stephanie Osser

Date: 2007

Technique: score and slip parts of lantern together

Temperature: cone 10 | soda fired | cone 6 | oxidation

Glazing / Surface Treatment: pressed stoneware for tile and porcelain for lantern into plaster mold

Material: stoneware | porcelain

Height: 10" | Width: 12" | Depth: 6"

Credit Line: First came the tile, then I cast it in plaster and pressed translucent porcelain very thinly in the mold to create this lantern image or lithophane.
Several ceramic artist colleagues of mine created lanterns to honor the talented artist and teach Makoto Yabe who taught in our studio and had quite a following of fans when he passed away.  His name Yabe means Archer and the Ukiyo-e Japanese wood cut printed inspired this image. Makoto is pictured under the arm of the archer surrounded by his adoring students at his potters wheel. The lantern shows his characteristic pottery shapes, as if it was the inside of a flaming hot kiln.

-e Japanese woodcuts


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