Stephanie Osser / Stars in the Heavens-Rudy Autio

Title: Stars in the Heavens-Rudy Autio

Series Title: Stars in the Heavens

Artist: Stephanie Osser

Date: 2007

Technique: coiling

Temperature: cone 04

Glazing / Surface Treatment: underglaze

Material: terracotta

Object Type: sculptures

Height: 4" | Width: 4" | Depth: 4"

Credit Line: As a Kiln God awardee at Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, I wanted to give back to help them with a fund raiser held in Chicago.  I made these little figures out of their red clay, harvested on the Watershed grounds.  This image is of one of my great teachers in Grad School at University of Montana, Rudy Autio.  He would invite us grad students to his home to make Finnish Pasties fore a dinner treat and he and we should sing together too. What a lovely family.  


Developed at Watzek Library, Lewis & Clark, Portland OR, USA.

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